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The Annual PURE Award

The award is granted on an annual basis to the best pharma support program in oncology, neurology, and immunology based on ratings from doctors and their support staff

Best Pharma Support Programs

2022 Award Recipients

AZ improved their standings in oncology compared to previous year which in part was driven by their ability to create a strong awareness around their support offerings

Biogen gained its second consecutive win in neurology which was driven by the strong ratings from the physicians who found Biogen easy to work with

AbbVie gathered strong scores across all three sub-categories (rheumatology, dermatology, gastroenterology) with an extra credit to their field scores

2021 Award Recipients

Pfizer received top ratings in oncology from the support staff where its field reps and technology solutions were highlighted as top qualities

Biogen won the first annual neurology award in part due to their dedication to go above and beyond to support their patients and work with the offices

Award Nomination Principles

The winners are selected based on feedback from doctors and their support staff across the oncology, neurology, and immunology therapeutic areas. The pharma support programs are evaluated based on their performance ratings against the 7 PURE indices in addition to unaided feedback on best/worst-in-class nominations by the HCPs. 

Awards Given to The PURE Report

The PURE Report was selected as a Global Health & Pharma 2022 Award recipient due to the unique ability of its research to reshape the pharmaceutical manufacturers’ approach to enhance the patients and healthcare providers’ treatment experience within the treatment care areas of oncology, neurology, and immunology.